on / at yesterday´s night

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I just want to ask whether I´m right about the use of the following expressions:

I know that we say
"in the evening" but "on Monday evening"
"in the morning" but "on that morning"
"at night" but "on Tuesday night" (although this seems a bit odd to me)

Does it work with expressions like "yesterday´s" or "yesterday"?
in the morning - on yesterday(´s) morning
at night - on tomorrow(´s) night

Thank you
  • Starfrown

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    "yesterday morning," "yesterday afternoon," "yesterday evening," "tomorrow morning," "tomorrow afternoon," "tomorrow evening," and "tomorrow night" are all fine.

    Strangely, I don't think we ever say "yesterday night"; I would suggest "last night" instead.

    None of these need either "at" or "on."
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