On behalf of all the students... I would like to thank


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Hello, bonjour tout le monde!
I am writing a speech and in the end I would like to give thanks in French.

Here is the sentence I am trying to translate:
"On behalf of all the graduates at ____, I would like to thank all of our teachers, family and friends for their continual love and support."

Voici ma traduction:
"De la part de touts les diplômés de ____, j’aimerais remercier tous les amis, parents et enseignants pour toute l’amour qu’ils nous ont offert et leurs soutiens continuels."
If there is any way someone could improve this sentence, I would much appreaciate it. It Does not sound right to me.
Thank you! Merci!
  • JiPiJou

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    "De la part" is possible but it seems to me a bit "administrative". You bring a parcel or a message "de la part de...". I would say : "Au nom de tous les..."

    I am not sure " tout l'amour" (tout, NOT toute) is something we would say in French. Perhaps "l'affection".

    And I would put "leur soutien continuel" in the singular. But in a speech, it makes no difference ;)

    And perhaps : "leur soutien constant".


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    I agree that "amour" sounds like too much in this context--but maybe Québécois French would be OK with it...

    "dévouement" could be good option.


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    Merci beaucoup! J'apprécie tout l'effort! =D Because of you guys, my speech is gonna rock!
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