on-block instrumentation


Hola a todos :) Alguna idea sobre lo que significa "on-block" instrumentation? No sé si sea simplemente instrumentos en bloque... es así?


One (1) GT Air Intake System

• One (1) rain hood, painted carbon steel
• One (1) droplet catcher, installed upstream of the filter elements
• One (1) set of static pre filters and fine filter elements
• One (1) set of 25 % air flow bypass doors with trash screen
• One (1) acoustically insulated air inlet silencer duct, including elbow / transition duct, painted carbon steel
• One (1) air inlet silencer, made out of seawater resistant aluminium • One (1) ambient condition monitoring device, measuring ambient temperature,
humidity and pressure
• One (1) lighting system, internal and external
• One (1) electrical jib hoist
• One (1) lot of on-block instrumentation, cabling and piping
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