1. pinkymp Senior Member

    England, English
    Hi everyone/Salut tous

    I'm trying to translate a passage from a book which reads

    "As if on cue, a blister pops and fluid trickles between my toes"

    Not very pleasant reading actually! :)

    But its the "on cue" part I'm having trouble with. I can't even think of a suitable translation, sorry.

    Thanks x
  2. mcb_34 Senior Member

    France, Montpellier
    French, France
    "comme pour y répondre"... ("y" refering to whatever is before this sentence"
    Other possiblity: "on cue" = "au bon moment = at the right time", but i can't get the meaning here.
  3. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    In this context = comme par hasard. It is ironical
  4. Mjollnir Member

    English, Canada
    "On cue" is an expression derived from theatre. A 'cue' is a signal that means the actor needs to get on stage to play his part, RIGHT NOW. The signal might be given by a stage manager, or simply be a part of the script that the actor needs to recognize as an indication his presence is needed. "On cue" therefore usually means something like "as directed" (On cue, the undercover cop drew his gun = As directed [or as previously directed], the undercover cop drew his gun), or even "as he was supposed to" (The actor went on stage on cue = The actor went on stage when he was supposed to).

    "As if on cue" means "as though directed" or "as though commanded". As edwingill says, it often has an ironic meaning. "As if on cue, my tire went flat" means "as though directed [by some unsensitive god or fate], my tire went flat" implying that many bad things had also happened to the person.

    "On cue" always implies perfect timing, but not necessarily timing that's *good* for a person. :)
  5. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

    French from France
    et en parlant du loup ... / et quand on parle du loup ...

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