On fait aller, quoi!

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  1. Geysere Senior Member

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    Bonjour, I came across this sentence in a phrasebook, but there is no translation or explanation. I guess it means things will go well? And the "quoi" at the end, is it like "no big deal"? Finally, is this phrase commonly used? I didn't find many results from google search...
    Merci pour votre aide!
  2. JiPiJou Senior Member

    I would expect that sentence in answer to the question "How are you ?"

    To me, it means : "Not bad, but not terribly good either", "I get along", "So-so".
  3. Kxking Senior Member

    French - France
    It's very colloquial, mainly oral used.
    It's answer to "Ca va?" that means: Well, could be worse, could be better, I manage it to be OK (in a positive way).

    We often add quoi at the end of a sentence in France, often with no special meaning. Here it means All things considered.
  4. JiPiJou Senior Member

    I forgot to answer the question about "Quoi". I agree with Kxking. It does not really mean anything ; it is just a way of ending the sentence.
  5. Amstellodamois Senior Member

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    Some even use it like a dot, putting it at the end of all their sentences.
  6. Geysere Senior Member

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    Thank you both for the explanations! But as a non-native speaker I really can't imagine saying the "quoi" in a natural way :)
  7. Kxking Senior Member

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    Well, it's just like some English natives use "You see/you know". ;)
  8. sarah82 Senior Member

    Annecy, France
    There are a couple of existing threads about this quoi at the end of sentences. You may want to check them. Type "quoi sentence" :)

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