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on four, four-acre plots


In a sort of ecological trade-off, conservationists headed inot the Arkansas woods to kill dozens of trees in hopes of helping the ivory-billed woodpecker, a bird that up until recently was feard extinct...
The plan calls for killing trees on four, four-acre plots where the woodpecker was sighted.

Does the phrase in bold make sense to you? If yes, what does it mean? Thanks.
  • Haylette

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    There are four plots of land, and each of them is four acres.

    If you don't know what an acre is, you can follow this link.


    To avoid it being confusing one could write it thus:

    ...on four, 4 acre plots.

    By using a numeral in the second instance the division is clearer.
    Concurred! Joobs, thank you for your ingenious version.
    By the way, does the following also do the trick?

    ...on four 4-acre plots.
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