'on/ in' date [month day year]

Discussion in 'English Only' started by TITI980, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. TITI980 New Member

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    I am a little bit confused about an english grammatical rule and the way of writting down a date.

    I would like to know if we say "in March 2009" or "on March 2009" and if we say "on June the 30th" or "in June the 30th ".

    Thanks in advance for your answers
  2. mgcrules Senior Member

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    It's in March 2009 but on June the 30th.
    Use in if you're talking about a month or a year but on if you're talking about a date or a day.
  3. nor_light Member

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    Ukrainian & Russian
    at 7 o'clock; at midday; at dinner; at Christmas

    in the evening; in Easter week; in September; in (the) winter; in 1864; in the 20th century

    on Friday; on April 1st; on Christmas Day

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