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    Dear community,

    In the IT industry, people do actions or load software across different systems (TST system, PRD).
    I have a doubt about the preposition — I know prepositions are a night terror in all languages — we have to use when we refer to do an actions or load on one
    of this environments OR or IN or none of them.

    I loaded this fix ON local or I loaded this fix ON local?
    I loaded this in PRD or I loaded this on PRD?
    There's a problem in PRD or There's a problem on PRD?

    I've already heard and read different versions from non native speakers, so I wanted to know the right preposition to use.

    I'd really appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance and have a fantastic day
  2. Cenzontle

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    English, U.S.
    Only a real computer geek can answer your question authoritatively. (I use the term "geek" in the most respectful way.)
    My perception is that, in the computer world, the choices of prepositions are not yet standardized.
    Do you "log in" or "log on"? After your session, do you log off or out?
    That said, I think it is likely that you will be in an environment and on a platform
    simply because of the literal meanings that "environment" and "platform" had before before computing adopted them for figurative use.
    Is PRD an environment, or a platform?
  3. Peterdg

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    Dutch - Belgium
    I'm an IT professional and have been working in an English speaking IT environment for over 30 years now. It is exactly as Cenzontle says.

    When PRD and TST are different platforms (servers), you say on PRD/TST. On the other hand, if PRD and TST are different environments on the same platform (server) (e.g. using a separate directory structure on the same platform), you use in PRD/TST.
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  4. r2rock Member


    Thanks for your reply. In this case in refers to the action of loading a piece of software on a group of servers, so considering your comments, it'd be better to say "This software was loaded on PRD". Usually, PRD(Production) and TST(Test Systems) are hosted on different servers, to avoid any impact on PRD. So basically the right preposition in my case is ON. Thanks a bunch
  5. r2rock Member

    Hey Cenzontle,

    Thanks for your answer, really appreciate it. As you can see you replied correctly and no need to be a "geek", hehe :), unless you're a little geek, have a great day

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