on/ in the drink


Persian - 𐎱𐎾𐎿𐎡
Do you eat well? Exercise? Or perhaps the sort of guy who's often on/in the drink?


What preposition is normally used here, on or in?

(Wrote it myself.)
  • Please tell us what you're trying to say, for example, do you mean this:

    in the drink​

    In a body of water.I hear Todd's all wet because his buddies threw him in the drink.On no, I just dropped my phone in the drink!
    If you want to use the preposition, then, in English English at least in the following very slang expression, then you should use on:

    to be on the lash (not 'drink')

    meaning, drinking a lot, especially socially in pubs, bars etc.

    to be in the drink

    (outside the context of a small insect floating in your cup of tea), has the meaning that sdgraham gave above. I'd say it's a little dated and was often used by and of downed RAF crews during World War II.
    Another way of describing heavy drinking while using the preposition "on" is, in BrE at least, "on the booze".

    EDIT: I've found that "on the drink" is sometimes used in BrE to convey that idea.
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    I'll mention this other slang expression conveying the same idea because you might hear it but I don't recommend using it: "on the piss".
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