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Do you eat well? Exercise? Or perhaps the sort of guy who's often on/in the drink?


What preposition is normally used here, on or in?

(Wrote it myself.)
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    Please tell us what you're trying to say, for example, do you mean this:

    in the drink​

    In a body of water.I hear Todd's all wet because his buddies threw him in the drink.On no, I just dropped my phone in the drink!


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    If you want to use the preposition, then, in English English at least in the following very slang expression, then you should use on:

    to be on the lash (not 'drink')

    meaning, drinking a lot, especially socially in pubs, bars etc.

    to be in the drink

    (outside the context of a small insect floating in your cup of tea), has the meaning that sdgraham gave above. I'd say it's a little dated and was often used by and of downed RAF crews during World War II.

    sound shift

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    Another way of describing heavy drinking while using the preposition "on" is, in BrE at least, "on the booze".

    EDIT: I've found that "on the drink" is sometimes used in BrE to convey that idea.
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    I'll mention this other slang expression conveying the same idea because you might hear it but I don't recommend using it: "on the piss".
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