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I asked a learner to choose an important date from his life. He wrote a sentence where he combined two pieces of information in one sentence. I hope his answer could be accepted. By the way, I know you do not celebrate name days, but in my country it is common to celebrate them.

On 6 December is my name day and many years ago I bought a car.

I wonder if the sentence wouldn't sound better if we added 'then' at its end.

I also wondered if phrasing it this way wouldn't be better:

It's my name day on 6 December and many years ago I bought a car then.

I'd appreciate your help.
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    "On 6 December is my name day" doesn't work, I'm sorry to say, because the verb "is" doesn't have a subject. "It's my name day on 6 December" is fine. Bear in mind that "name days" are not a common concept in many English-speaking countries, so you may have to explain the meaning.


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    You can also say '6th December is my name day'. Presumably, you bought a car to celebrate your name day. I wonder whether you could make the connection more explicit, for example, 'I celebrated my name day on 6th December by buying myself a car.'


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    "Then" at the end of the sentence sounds rather odd. "On that day" would be okay.

    Many years ago I bought myself a car on my name-day, (which is) December 6th.

    "I bought myself a car" suggests that you treated yourself to a car, rather than it simply being a coincidence that the car was purchased by you on your name-day.
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