on January 3rd


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Hello members,

I was born on January 3rd.
If that day fell on Friday, how can I express it?

I was born on January 3rd, Friday?
Is this all right? Or is there more common way to express this?

Thanks in advance.
  • Akasaka

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    Thanks MilybarKid.
    If I'm not talking about my birthday, how can I say?
    On January 3rd, we will have a meeting.
    How can I put "Friday" in the sentence?

    Thanks in advance.


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    The date rather than day of week is usually more important for a birthday, so I'd also put the day after the date as suggested by MilkyBarKid.

    However, for a meeting, I would move it before the date: 'We have a meeting on Friday the third of January.' In writing, this would be: 'We have a meeting on Friday, 3rd January.'
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