on Lawrence's <critical fortunes> during his life

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The following is from a speech video of Oxford University(episode one, Lawrence's relationship to consciousness) by Dr Catherine Brown, talking about Lawrence:
(background: the first sentence of this episode……)

If you come to the 7th lecture in this series on Lawrence's critical fortunes during his life and since his death,you would learn that the peak of Lawrence's popularity was reached nearly 40 years ago around about 1970. So you all have the pleasure of being 40 years behind the times. 1970 might have been before your parents and after your parents were at secondary school.

The blue sentence is a little confusing to me. How should I understand it please?
I feel critical fortunes means the fates the critics have been talking about.But it seems to me that around and about mean the same thing, so one of it should be omitted.

Thank you in advance
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    Lawrence's "critical fortunes" means "what kind of criticism he received, over time" (I think not only from the critics but also from the public who read him.) It's talking about how well or how negatively his work was received during his lifetime and up to the present day.
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