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Ali once told her assistant Brandon that he didn't have what it takes to be a good sports agent. Later she tells him:
— Listen, Brandon. I'm sorry about that bullshit about you not being cut out to be an agent. I would've told you anything to keep you on my desk, because I needed you.
What Men Want, film

Is it an idiomatic expression? I didn't find it.
Thank you.
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    It isn't idiomatic. At the place they both work, a "desk" has a special meaning.

    For example a news agency might have a "sports desk" and a "celebrity gossip" desk and a "political news" desk. Each of those "desks" is a small department or a "team", with several people in it.

    So "keep Brandon on my desk" means "have Brandon continue to work in his current position, working on the same desk (on the same team) as Ali".
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