on my jock


-- Hey, you know that girl Jennifer? (...) That bitch was on my jock.
-- Really?
-- Yeah. What about you? You get any?
Dark Skies, movie

Obviously "jock" must be referring to "penis" here. But I didn't find it anywhere in dictionaries, even in the Urban one. Is it just a euphemism for "cock"?
  • sdgraham

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    Well, maybe:
    WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2017
    jock•strap /ˈdʒɑkˌstræp/ n. [countable]
    1. Clothing - an elastic belt with a pouch for supporting the genitals, worn by men esp. while participating in athletics.
    Also called athˈlet•ic supˈport•er.

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