on my own or by myself?


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Hello everybody! How are you today?

I´d like to consult you about this: speaking with my boss a few days ago, about his way of learning English, I asked him how he managed to learn it. He, meaning that he studied English alone, told me that nobody taught him. And then, I said to him: "then you are leaning English by yourself".

And here goes my question: should I have said "you are learning on your own? or did I maybe do right saing "by yourself"?
For me it´s confusing when I have to say on" your own" or "by yourself" or even only "yourself".

Please, is there anyone willing to share his knowledge with me?

Thanks a lot!
  • owlman5

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    I understand both versions without any problem, Egnarex. :) I think "on your own" sounds slightly more idiomatic, but "by yourself" is also clear.