on or on the celebration day, event day, graduation

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  1. bennyfriendly Senior Member

    I have heard that you cannot add the definite article to special days as in my own examples below.

    (1) On (the) graduation day, we will have photos taken together.

    (2) On (the) event day, we will have photos taken together.

    (3) On (the) celebration day, we will have photos taken together.

    Is it OK to include the definite article in my sentences? Thanks.
  2. Florentia52

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    In your first sentence, we would not use the article. We don't generally say either "(the) event day" or "(the) celebration day," with or without the article. We might say "On the day of the event..."
  3. london calling Senior Member

    I agree with Florentia.

    That said, when you say 'celebration day' do you really mean 'feast day'? See this definition form the Oxford Dictionaries. If so you can say you will photos taken together on the feast day if it is clear from the context which feast day you are talking about.

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