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    A married couple go to see a film and as soon as it ends, the husband tells his wife, “That was a great film!”

    His wife says nothing, giving him time to have a good think. He then says, "On second thoughts, it wasn't such a good film after all – it was let down by the acting."

    As you can see, “On second thoughts …..” is a useful linguistic function for changing your mind about something. Btw, this is UK usage - I think that in some other parts of the word they say "thought" in the singular.

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    The best way to express it colloquialy is:
    Τώρα που το ξανασκέφτομαι....
    Τώρα που το ξανασκέφτομαι, μάλλον δεν ήταν και τόσο καλή ταινία.
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    Many thanks, excellent.

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