On the contrary, thank you

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Speaker 1: thank you
Speaker 2: on the contrary (with the implicaton being "thank you (instead)"

Is this legitimate in english? This expression is used in Spanish but i'm curious if the "opposition" denoted by "on the contrary" works here.
  • PaulQ

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    In English, you would have to say, Speaker 2: "On the contrary, thank you." with emphasis on the you.

    thank you should not be left unsaid.


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    On the contrary, thank you sounds very very emphatic ~ and formal ~ to me. In everyday conversation I'd expect the exchange to go:

    A: Thankyou.
    B: No, thankyou*.

    (As Paul says, you need emphasis on the second 'you', usually shown by using italics.)

    * A lot of people write thankyou as one word.
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