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    "to be on the edge of (one's) seat" is a very common idiom that means to be in a state of suspense, waiting with anticipation. It's commonly used when talking about a movie, for example, or a book, that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end. We say the movie or story keeps you on the edge of your seat. I couldn't find anything in the dictionary when I searched for these terms. What would be the closest in meaning in Italian? is it "sulle spine" - I wasn't sure from the dictionary definitions if it's right. One definition says "on edge," as in nervous, which is different.

    This story had me/kept me on the edge of my seat.
    Questo racconto mi ha tenuta sulle spine??

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    Hi, joanvillafane!

    I can suggest you "stare col fiato sospeso".

    The Free Dictionary translates it as "keep somebody in suspense" (see here).

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    Grazie, renminds. So it would be "Stavo col fiato sospeso" ? but what about if I wanted to put the story as the subject of the sentence (as in my post #1)
    Il racconto mi teneva col fiato sospeso???
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    Hi joan,
    I agree with renminds: "tenere con il fiato sospeso". "Tenere sulle spine" means to make someone wait too long before saying something important or pleasant. For example: "Cosa c'è, dimmi, non tenermi sulle spine!"

    Il racconto mi ha tenuto con il fiato sospeso / Il racconto mi ha fatto stare con il fiato sospeso.

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