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James Zhang

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Hi, teachers. I have some questions with the sentence below.
InfoSys's Mark Rina suggests a further step that vendors and consultants could take: Do and ROI on the ROI. In other words, make an intensive study and attempt to quantify some of the benefits that, on the front end, seem hard to pin down: "ROI on the ROI, I think, is a shrewd business practice that could work for both the customer, as well as build experience for future sales and future promises...Proof points are going to be an absolute necessity going forward."
My questions are:
1.What does "on the front end" mean?

Thank you. Have a good day.
  • nycphotography

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    American English
    "on the front end" means "before the fact" rather than "after the fact".

    = in advance = before it happpens.