...on the glacier there had already been a tent...


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I didn't really know what to do, it was very cold. On the glacier there had already been a tent, in which I could crawl. I became unconscious, and by the time I woke up it was already raining.

Is this sentence right?
  • Sparky Malarky

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    I think you are trying to say that you found a tent. Am I right? Or maybe you already knew the tent was there. But your point is that there was a tent there, and you didn't stop and put up a tent yourself.

    This is what you must explain. "There had already been a tent" does not work because it says there was a tent there once, but it does not say that it was still there when you needed it. If I was on a glacier, cold, needing shelter, it would do me no good if there had already been a tent there in the past. Maybe there was a tent there five years ago but it was gone. That wouldn't help me.

    I think you want to say "there already was a tent" but you will have to explain why it was there.


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    I found it. I couldn't know it was there, I just fell there(and got hurt, but if I pasted the whole story, it got deleted...) :D
    Then I have to say: There already had been a tent, when I fell on that glacier?
    I'm told to use the word tent, and I couldn't figure out anything else right now.
    So, I had better not use Past Perfect?


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    I agree with Sparky Malarky. If the tent was still there, you should use the past tense, not the past perfect.
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