On the Origin of Human Reflexes

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Hello everyone , I've only had 2 semesters of latin in highschool so I come to you looking for some help :$

It's my turn to do an exposé on human physiology and it's common for our class to write in Latin, so I was wondering how I could translate "On the Origin of Human Reflexes" in the style of Vesalius' De humani corporis fabrica , so I came up with De Origine Reflexe Humani, but i'm pretty sure I got the case wrong... :/ Any kind corrector `? Or maybe would a totally different sentence sound better?
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    Salve iuvenis,
    Nothing wrong with De Origine. My old dictionaries don't have a noun reflexus, but they do have a noun flexus, which is a masculine of the 4th declension. There's no reason it couldn't be prefixed with re-. That declension identity is important to the formation of the case--and by your English title, you want the genitive plural. That'll be reflexuum. Your Humani looks genitive all right, and masculine too, but not plural, which it has to be to agree with "of reflexes." So: De Origine Reflexuum Humanorum.
    Bonam fortunam tibi!
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