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I am currently learning how to speak french and I need help translating this sentence: "I came to school on the schoolbus."
This is how I tried translating it: "Je suis venue à l'ècole l'autobus.",
But I am not sure how to translate on the schoolbus (italic phrase above).
Il faut l'aide, s'il vous plait!

Merci beaucoup d'avance!!
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    en bus (but in this case it could be a bus from the public transportation system as well).

    avec le bus de l'école (if the school owns the bus).
    avec le bus de ramassage scolaire (if a private company is in charge of bus routes dedicated to students).

    I am from France, so the third suggestion maybe specific to France. Since you're in Canada, you may want to wait for suggestions from French Canadians as they're likely to have the perfect match for you ;).


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    In Québec, the schoolbus is l'autobus scolaire.
    Je suis venue à l'école en autobus scolaire. / J'ai pris l'autobus scolaire pour venir à l'école.

    Welcome to the forum, Mizutokori. :)