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In Oregon, a group called Oregon Citizens Alliance pushed for a measure on the voting ballot that would bar public school teachers from promoting or sanctioning homosexuality in class.
Does the 'pushed for a measure on the voting ballot' here means 'pass a bill through/by voting'? many thanks.
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    In my estmation, the word voting is unnecessary.

    To put a measure on the ballot is to have it included in the document people use to vote.


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    No. It means they pushed for (wanted to have) something (a measure proposing a law) put on the voting ballot so that people will be able to vote on it in the future.


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    First of all, "voting ballot" is horribly redundant. Ballots, by definition, are for voting.

    Here in Oregon, ballots are mailed to voters who then mark their choices, sign the envelope and send it back to the people who count the ballots.

    Some of the items on the ballot are "ballot measures," which is to say they are proposals for new laws or modification or elimination of old laws. Ballot measures are not "bills." "Bills" are proposed and handled within the state legislature.

    Measures may be placed on the ballot by registering with the secretary of state and then gathering a sufficient number of signatures of registered voters in order for the measure to appear on the ballot.

    After the measure appears on the ballot, voters vote for or against (or not at all)

    I hope this is clear...
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