'on-trend' interactive toys [adjective?]

Li'l Bull

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Hi, native speakers of English!

Is there such an adjective as on-trend (used before a noun)? I've heard a toy expert saying 'parents want a good mix of on-trend interactive toys and traditional things like construction sets', and I'm wondering if I heard correctly and, if I did, what it means exactly, as it doesn't appear in the dictionary.

Thank you in advance.
  • sdgraham

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    The business world conjures up all kinds of jargon that normal people would not use.

    I suggest you read this post: #2 from earlier today about a similar question.


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    I think it might be that. Maybe 'to be on trend' is more common, and 'on-trend' before a noun is kind of a neologism?
    For what it's worth, I've never (thank God) heard "on-trend," in any position in a sentence, but "trendy" is quite common on this side of the pond.

    Beryl from Northallerton

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    Hmm .... jargon, yes I suppose so. But on the other hand, new language has to come from somewhere.
    It sounds slightly more sinister than mere 'trendy' to me. I hear it in the way that I hear 'on-message' (politics: following the approved party line).
    But maybe Juan's right, and this is just a re-badged, re-vamped version of 'trendy'; one which has been cleansed of negative associations.
    The fact that it's not to be found in the dictionaries as yet may give some indication of its 'cutting edge' status.
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