(on) what days will the city library close

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(On) What days will the city library close every week?


Should I delete on in the above or keep it? Thanks.
  • owlman5

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    You can either keep it or delete it. We do often say such things as "The store is closed on Mondays". We also say "The store is closed Mondays." Since both statements are ordinary, both versions of your question sound OK.

    Another common version splits the preposition from its referent: What days is the library closed on?

    [edit] I changed the verb in this version after seeing Panjandrum's and Szkot's remarks.
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    What days does the city library close?
    What days is the city library closed?

    I've just noticed owlman's version:
    What days are the city library closed?

    Should this be "is" or "are"?
    They both sound wrong to me, now :)


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    But I would go with 'is' - there are many days but only one library :). And certainly if we include 'on' at the start, it must be 'is'.
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