On which street do you live? Do you like the area?

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    I need to ask a "classmate" on which street they live and whether they like the area. I'm not sure about the demonstrative "tilka". Is it's usage correct here? Would haadhihi work as well?

    I'd also like to render it in Egyptian colloquial - here is my attempt:
    انتِ ساكنة في اي شارع؟ بتحبي المنطقة دي؟

    I wonder if the demonstrative is correct here - my book has no colloquial form for tilka or dhalik.
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    They're both fine - but I would suggest minor changes to your MSA suggestion for idiomatic purposes:
    في أي شارع تسكنين؟
    أتحبين تلك المنطقة؟
    The correct word to use is تلك but Egyptians often make the mistake - well, I suspect it's a mistake - of using هذه instead of تلك because there is no word for 'that' in Egyptian, while formal Arabic has this, that - and one in between: هذا ذاك ذلك
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    Thanks - your suggestion makes sense - putting the interrogatives at the beginning frames the question better.

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