"on your team" and "in your team?"


What's the difference between "on your team" and "in your team?"

Is it wrong to say like this: "Are there any children in your team?"
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    I prefer "on your team" but I cannot think of any good reason why - it's just what I'm used to hearing. The other similar examples I can think of would take in: in your class, in your house...


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    To me, "on your team" applies to the members-- they are "on" the roster. "In your team" refers to things other than that roster.

    "Is there any dissention allowed in your team?"

    I suppose you could use "in your team" to single out an individual or individual trait involving team members in general, but I can't think of any that wouldn't sound better with "on your team."

    "How many Jamaicans are there in your team, and how many of them are inner-city kids just faking the accent?"

    "In your team" singles out, and teamwork is about cohesion, so in a way the expression violates the logic inherent in team sports. You're on the team, get off your lazy duff, get out on that field... and so forth.
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