Once cloning is <on its own as a commercial enterprise>, there really is no oversight

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* cc is the cloned cat.
To critics, such agreements seem like moral fig leaves. They view cc as an ethical dry run for human cloning, and they're troubled by how the rehearsal is going. "Once cloning is on its own as a commercial enterprise, there really is no oversight," says Lori Gruen, a Wesleyan University ethics professor who generally supports cloning research.
[Source: Reading for Results Ninth Edition by Laraine Flemming]
I'd like to know here what "on its own as a commercial enterprise" means.
Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Once entrepreneurs are allowed / have the opportunity to clone people, the authorities/scientists can't have control over the process any more.
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    The way it reads to me there are two important and related points being made:

    1) once cloning is on its own

    meaning it has in a sense left the sphere of being regulated by some entity and is now existing outside of it. It's important because we use government agencies to control behavior. Medical research on human beings for example is regulated in order to protect humans. The regulation is put in place by the state and enforced by the agencies of it.

    2) as a commercial enterprise

    meaning it isn't just "on its own", it's also NOT a non-profit enterprise, but a commercial enterprise which has the goal of making a profit. Commercial enterprises therefore have different motivations and are regulated differently and the person making the statement sees this development as a concern. So the sentence could have read "as a non-profit enterprise" though the meaning would have been different.

    Question: How is it operated?
    Answer 1: It is operated as a commercial enterprise.
    Answer 1: It is operated as a non-profit enterprise.
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