once every other time / around 25% of the time

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I am reading a book about the dog training.
I cannot understand these expressions as below:

1) Then, you give a treat once every other time the dog gets it right for another three to six times.
: Does this mean that even if every time the dog gets it right, you should give a treat every 2 times?

2) When the dog is getting very reliable (80% correct performance), you can start giving a treat around 25% to 35% of the time.
: I cannot even guess what it means...

Please help me!
Thanks in advance.
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    Every other time means every second time. You give a treat after the dog has got it right twice. This means giving a treat 50% of the time.

    When the dog becomes more reliable, you reduce the treat from 50% to 25-30% (say after the dog has got it right 4 times - once every 4 times is 25%).
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