Once you put it in, it's really hard to get back out again


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Greetings! I found a piggy bank that is essentially a large soup can with a coin slot on top. Once you fill the piggy bank you have to open it with a can opener to get the money out. I'll be giving the piggy bank to a German speaking kid for her birthday and I wanted to be able to say: Once you put in a coin it'll be really hard to get it back out again.

The "once" part of the construction is what I'm struggling with. I'd usually use "einmal"..like "Pass auf, wenn du eine Münze einmal reinsteckst ist sie sehr schwer zurück zu kriegen." Or maybe a word order variation "Wenn du einmal eine Münze reinsteckst.."

Is there a possible variation with "Pass auf, einmal reingesteckt und bekommst du sie fast nie wieder..." or "Pass auf, einmal reingesteckt und du kriegst es/sie nur mit Dosenöffner zurück" ?

I know there are lots of possible translations, but I don't know what would sound best in the case of a piggy bank, and especially what would sound normal to say to a child.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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    "Sobald," I think?

    Sobald du eine Münze reingeworfen hast, kriegst du sie nur schwer wieder raus.

    Or maybe "schon" will do the trick?

    Wenn du eine Münze schon reingeworfen hast, kriegst du sie nur schwer wieder raus.
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