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You are all familiar with the word, 'Poltergeist' -- but does anyone know what an Ondageist is?

I could not categorize this one because 'spirituality' or 'spiritual' or even 'new era' is not found in those categories and I believe strongly that to go into the spiritual field, it is not necessary religion of any kind, since in the spiritist world -- a spirit is type of vaporized energy accompanied with a perispirit.
  • panjandrum should answer this one as our resident expert on the worlds of T. Pratchet.

    The Terry Pratchett Discworld novel A Hat Full of Sky features an "ondageist" named Oswald (possibly a play on Lee-Harvey, Harvey the rabbit being invisible...), belonging to Ms. Level, the witch that Tiffany is staying with. This is the opposite of a poltergeist: a spirit obsessed with cleaning and tidying.

    A note in this Wikipedia page, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Hat_Full_of_Sky , suggests that "onda" is taken form the Spanish word for "wave."