one (1) time of the Series A Price


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Alguien por aquí que pueda orientarme con la traducción de lo que pongo en negrita.

In the event of any Liquidity Event, whether voluntary or involuntary, all assets and funds of the Company available for distribution among the Members shall be applied as set out in this paragraph 3 of Schedule 1:
(a) first, each holder of Series A Shares shall be entitled to receive for each Series A Share held by such holder, on parity with each other and prior and in preference to any distribution of any of the assets or funds of the Company to each holder of Ordinary Shares, the amount equal to (i) one (1) time of the Series A Price (as appropriately adjusted for any subdivision or consolidation of shares, share dividends or similar recapitalisations) in respect of each Series A Share, less any paid dividends previously...

¿el importe equivalente a una vez el Precio de la Serie A? :confused: Estoy frita.

Gracias de antemano.
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