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    Dear All,
    does anyone know what "One-All" mean? I encountered it on the BBC website in the following sentence:

    The dragonfish, known as Big Huat, was spot on with one-all for the football tournament's opener between Poland and Greece.

    (While "spot on" was explained, "one-all" wasn't and I am all at sea on this. And although I found one explanation for "one-all" in the forum, I am not sure if I can apply it here with the same meaning.)

    Thank you all.
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    In football, "one-all" means a score of 1-1. The fish predicted that Poland vs Greece would end 1-1, and the final score was indeed 1-1, so the fish was spot-on with its prediction.
  3. Russula Member

    So the meaning I found here was the same. Thank you very much.

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