one day at a time

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In a medical context, at the end of the passage, after alot of instructions, the author writes : Try to get 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Look at your progress one day at a time! What is the meaning of hte last phrase ? Thanks in advance .
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    Haroon, rabbena ma3ak fel 7agat elly bettargemha! :)

    I understand this sentence as: Look at the progress of each day, in other words: don't check more than once per day. So, maybe we can translate it as:
    راقب تقدُّمك اليومي
    or مرة في اليوم


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    مرحبا everyone I came across this thread as I was looking to offer some support to a friend in need. How would you phrase 'just take one day at a time' in classical? My Arabic is pretty rusty but hoping to brush up this summer. شكراً


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    The translation تدريجيّا [tadrījiyyan] offered above means "gradually" or what we mean as "one day at a time" in standard Arabic. It can also be used colloquially, but is fine in standard (fuṣ7a).


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    It means a bit like 'take things one step at a time' which in Egyptian is:
    خدها واحدة واحدة or خد الأمور واحدة واحدة or خلّيك واحدة واحدة.
    Or we could try to stay closer to the original meaning rather than the [presumably] intended effect:
    يوم ورا التّاني و حتشوف تحسّن

    In Classical:
    بمرور الأيّام ستشعر بتحسّن تدريجيّ

    (بمشيئة الشافي)ـ :)


    When I compared several uses of "one day at a time" I get to realize that it means خطوة خطوة و بشكل متواصل as اسكندراني suggested خدها وحدة وحدة


    Make a note everyday of your successes and your obstacles, then look to your own memories on how to overcome those obstacles. And you will notice that one day at a time you will be tracking your progress, inch by inch moving forward, building momentum until one day you look back across the pages of your journal and you realize how far you’ve come

    Why should the holidays be any different? If you want to lose weight this month, you can. You just have to choose to stay in control, one day at a time.

    If you only work hard on the days you feel like it, nothing will ever get done! Commit yourself to excellence every workout. One day at a time. Over the entire offseason your progress will be amazing.

    Then I will be comfortable to translated تابع (راقب) باستمرار تحسنك التدريجي

    Muhammad Khatab

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    I think that "one day at a time" means "day by day," and If something happens day by day (or "one day at a time"), it happens each day in a way that changes slowly and gradually. Then I will definitely translate it as "راقب تحسنك يوما فيوم !"
    Peace and Allah's mercy be upon all of you!
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