one fairy lasts longer than two cheapies

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    What's the context, jane.t? Is the advert about 'Fairy' washing-up liquid?


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    It could be,
    I'm translating a theater drama and there is the main character who is quoting some adverts. The play is set in the 80s.
    So if "fairy" is a washing up liquid, the advert make sense to me.
    I didn't know what fairy was...


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    Ah, I see!:)

    Yes, if the play is set in the UK, I'm pretty sure the reference is to the washing-up liquid. Try googling 'Fairy Liquid' to get an idea of the sort of claims made for it: there's usually a suggestion that it lasts longer/goes further than cheaper brands.

    That said, I don't think the phrase is an actual quote from a Fairy advert; it's more like a spoof or take-off;)
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