one gay's a snooze, two's a hilarious hate crime.

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    It's the movie "Love, Simon".

    About a gay boy in the high-school. When he make the coming out thing, people in his school begin to make fun with him, it become a big deal and they are requested at the principal office.

    Anyway, this gay says to another gay who was declared some time before, "Hey, I'm sorry, Ethan. None of this ever happened when just you were out." And the other gay says to him, "You know what they say, one gay's a snooze, two's a hilarious hate crime."

    I am not sure of this. Just trying to guess. Is he saying "One gay, no big deal. Two, it's terrible" something like that?
    Any idea?

    Thank you

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  2. lingobingo

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    Yes, something like that. Nobody did anything when only one of them came out as gay, but when a second person did, the bullying began.
  3. Cenzontle

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    I agree with you and lingobingo, chopin.
    But I don't see how "hilarious" is related to a hate crime.
  4. velisarius

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    Apparently Simon is a homosexual schoolkid who exhibits "feminine" behaviour, whereas Ethan is more "masculine" so his coming-out passed more or less unnoticed.

    In the film, after Simon is outed to his high school, he and Ethan are made fun of by two bullies, who impersonate them mockingly in the school cafeteria. For their actions, the bullies are sent to the principal's office. Afterward, Simon and Ethan have a heart-to-heart in the principal's waiting room.
    Is 'Love, Simon' Femmephobic?

    One gay is nothing special; two's a hilarious hate crime - hilarious because the bullies thought them funny, or perhaps simply because they found Simon funny. Bullying gay people by mocking them is classed as a hate crime, I guess.

    A hate crime is not hilarious, but the bullying is "hilarious" from the point of view of the other students, and "a hate crime" from the point of view of the two gay students.
  5. chopin7 Senior Member

    I see.
    Thank you very much, everybody!
    I would concentrate on "snooze" here.
    Doesn't it strike you as a bit strange,
    or its use is perfectly okay here?
  6. Myridon

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    To say that something is "a snooze" is an ordinary slang expression meaning that it's so boring, uninteresting, humdrum, everyday, ... that it makes you (metaphorically) fall asleep.
  7. chopin7 Senior Member

    I see.
    Nothing online about this slang.
    Thank you, Myridon.
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  9. chopin7 Senior Member

    Thank you, Heypresto.

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