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  1. elinor Senior Member

    Wal-Mart strongly opposed the law. The company told Maryland lawmakers that it spends between 7 and 8 percent on health care. It says less than one-half of one percent of Maryland workers without health insurance work at Wal-Mart.

    Are there less than 85 Maryland workers without health insurance at Wal-Mart?

  2. Aupick

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    Assuming we can believe Wal-Mart :rolleyes: , yes. (17,000 workers according to your article * 0.5% = 85)

    (In British English we'd be more likely to say "half a percent".)
  3. maxiogee Banned

    I read the article very differently.
    Wal-Mart is comparing the people it employs to the whole employed population of Maryland.
    There are X workers in Maryland without health insurance
    Less than 0.5% of that X are employed by Wal-Mart.
  4. elinor Senior Member

    Thanks a lot, Aupick and maxiogee.
  5. Kelly B

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    USA English
    According to this:
    "He also noted that less than one-half of 1 percent of Maryland's 786,000 uninsured residents work for Wal-Mart"
    that number would be 39,300. I have no idea whether the number is accurate.

    :eek:It's not. See below. Argh.
  6. maxiogee Banned

    Eh........ no.
    1% of 786,000 = 7,860
    .5% of 786,000 = 3,930

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