one hour lag


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let's take an example of France and England where there is one hour difference in time.

using the word ''a lag'' can we say :
there is one hour lag between France and England.

Could you please confirm.

many thanks
  • nzseries1

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    In my opinion:
    No, you can't. A one hour lag means that when France does something, England doesn't register it until an hour later, and vice versa. Or, It takes France/England an hour longer to respond than expected.

    I would say "there is a one hour time difference..."

    A lag is a time delay, not a time difference.


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    You could, I suppose refer to the time difference as a "one-hour lag," but I would only use it in an informal context, given that it's, as nzseries1 writes, not accurate or truly descriptive.
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