one might be forgiven for thinking, were pretty much it..


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Hola a todos, tengo la siguiente duda.

Estoy traduciendo un libro que habla de la producción de las películas del Señor de los anillos y resulta que en el prefacio encontré esto y que tiene un poco atascado.

" The previous three books in this series, one might forgiven for thinking, were pretty much it. Three Arts of books, one per film, should surely be enought for anyone."

De verdad no entiendo a que se refiere:

Might= Poder, fuerza, puede
Pretty much = más o menos.

Quien me pueda ayudar se lo agradecería mucho.

  • Felipe31

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    Muchas gracias por la ayuda.

    Estuve buscando y efectivamente no tiene una traducción literal.

    Lo único malo que parece que todo el libro es con modismos jajajajaja.


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    I agree with the above suggestions. I'll try to share some more explanations for the confusing phrases.

    "one might be forgiven for thinking" = it's incorrect to think it, but it's understandable. The idea is if you were to think this, you would be wrong, but I might forgive you because your mistake is so reasonable. "Although in fact she is quite wealthy, one might be forgiven for thinking she had a limited income because she only ever wears tattered clothes."

    "[to be] pretty much it" = to be the end, to be complete, to be done, to be a full list. We often say, "that's it" to mean that something is over, a list is complete, etc. Q: "Would you like to order anything else, sir?" A: "No thanks, that's it." And "pretty much" is slang for basically or mostly. "The city is nice but there's not much do to there -- one museum, a couple of nice restaurants, and that's pretty much it."
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