one of his principle concerns

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Bom dia a todos!

Alguém saberia como traduzir o trecho acima? "Principle" está assim mesmo no texto. Não foi erro de digitação.

Thirteen years after the NAFTA debate, Gore's affinity for effective graphics earned him an Academy Award. Throughout his career, and particularly during and after his vice-presidential terms, one of his principle concerns was about global warming.

Desde já, agradeço.
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    Look in the dictionary!!

    : WordReference English-Portuguese Dictionary © 2009
    principlen (basic rules)princípio sm principlen (personal rule)princípio sm


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    Oi Maria.
    Concordo qom o Carfer e Benvindo que foi um erro, e um erro comum segundo o Webster. Veja:
    Although nearly every handbook and many dictionaries warn against confusing principle and principal, many people still do. Principle is only a noun; principal is both adjective and noun. If you are unsure which noun you want, read the definitions in this dictionary.
    ©1996 Zane Publishing, Inc. and Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. All rights reserved.
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