one of 'our' many theories is that [antecedent for 'our'?]

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Hi, can someone tell me who the word "ours" refer to in the following text?
Does it refer to the author and his wife or the neighbourhood?

Yesterday evening my wife showed up with a few yards of netting, and together we knelt and covered the fireplace with an illusion veil. It looks
like a bride. (one of
our many theories is that mosquitoes come down chimneys.)

It's from an anticle named "At Turtle Bay" from E.B.White.

Thanks a lot!
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    Ah, I see. It quite simply means "one of the theories that my wife and I have." EB and his wife theorize that mosquitoes come down the chimney; that's why they're putting up mosquito nets around the fireplace.
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