one of the most dreaded household tasks


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Ah, cleaning the toilet. It's one of the most dreaded household tasks, yet we all have to do it at some point. But there's no reason why you have to deal with chemical fumes that make you want to hug the bowl. That's why we're bringing you six unusual products that you may not have realized will make your porcelain throne sparkle.

WR Dictionary indicates 'dread' can serve as adjective.

If I say "the dreadest task" for such a context, is it correct? If no, can you please illustrate why I should use dreaded?

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    Have you looked at

    There is no such word as dreadest -- dreaded is not an adjective, it is a participle, and with participles you have to use most to form the comparative (as far as I know :)).

    In your example dreaded can be replaced by (strongly) disliked or feared, both of which are participles that function as adjectives.
    The dreaded task in your quote is something that the writer dreads having to do.

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