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    I writing an e-mail to a client for whom my firm is scheduling several days of meetings.

    At the end of the e-mail, I am adding (as a "FYI") that it is possible that one of the meetings will be with a certain organization (but is not yet confirmed).

    I want to say:

    FYI, one of your possible upcoming meetings will be with representatives of [organization X]

    What is the most natural way to translate this into Russian? The register should be neither too formal nor too informal. "Business casual."

    My idea:

    К вашему сведению, в числе ваших (возможных?) предстоящих встреч будет встреча с представителями Х

    I know this sounds very awkward... but I can't think of another way to translate it!

    Any thoughts? Thank you!
  2. Maroseika Moderator

    К вашему сведению in the very end of the letter really looks awkard, as if all the rest was not к сведению. If this is an addition to the main content, I think better to say just something like Кроме того...

    В числе ваших предстоящих встреч будет встреча с представителями... is also unnatural and clumsy. Better say Вы также встретитесь с... or Мы также организуем встречу с... and so on.
  3. Boyar

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    I would suggest this translation:

    Дополнительно сообщаем, что в одной из планируемых встреч, возможно, примут участие представители ...

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