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    As in “One must do his homework.”
    Suggestion, “الواحد,” as in:
    الواحد لازم يفعل واجبه المنزلي.
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    MSA على المرئ أن ينهي واجبه المدرسي
    or يجب على المرئ أن يعمل على واجبه المدرسي
    or يتوجب على المرئ أن ...
    or المرؤ يجب أن ...
    or المرؤ عليه أن ...
    What you mentioned is a mix of dialect and MSA (and I think واجب منزلي is a bad translation as I mentioned before).
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    الواحد is used in colloquial Arabic. And mar2 is MSA, but I think it's written المرء because the hamza is preceded by a سكون , not like امرئ where the hamza is preceded by a kasra.

    Other words used in MSA are الإنسان، الشخص، الفرد .
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  5. jmt356 Senior Member

    Shouldn't the second على be removed? I believe it should be:
    يجب على المرء أن يعمل واجبه المدرسي
  6. ayed

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    You're right.

    You could also say:
    يؤدي واجبه
    يحل واجبه
    ينجز واجبه

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