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    Is there a word, in any language, for 1/4 of a sphere? Half of a hemisphere? A quasphere? For example: What do you call a quarter of the globe? There are eastern and western hemispheres, and northern and southern hemispheres, but what do you call the northern portion of the western hemisphere, or southern portion of the eastern hemisphere, etc?

    I've scoured the internet, and I can't find any prefix that means one quarter.
    There is a link on Wikipedia for number etymology that lists a Latin prefix for one and a quarter as a quasqui, and one and a half as sesqui, but no prefix for one quarter. (But I'm not allowed to post links)

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    Hola nadzcom y bienvenid@ a los foros.

    "Una cuarta parte" ¿Quizá?

    Saludos y Felices Fiestas, t.

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