one small piece of a bigger puzzle


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Absent context, would "one small piece" in the phrase "one small piece of a bigger puzzle" imply something very important or something trivial?

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    We don't do "absent context" because in this case it could mean either one.
    Here's a quote from an article "Rise of the planet of the apes review":
    Meanwhile at the lab, production of the drug has continued, a new strain has been created and Caesar’s life becomes one small piece of a bigger puzzle that leads to (spoilers) the apes rising up.
    For more see here.

    Another quote from an article "Grapefruit linked to breast cancer":

    But the researchers and other experts said more research was still needed. While all this is interesting, I'm sure this is only one small piece of a bigger puzzle that shows us how our diet affects our health.
    For more see here.


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    So, do you think the usage of the phrase in those two quotes is the same?
    Yes, I think they're both small pieces of a larger puzzle (which, of course, it says). I think from the context you write, you determine the importance of any particular piece of a puzzle -- meaning that you have to write in that slant yourself if you'd like to accent its importance.
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