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If "oneness" refers to the unity of everyone and everything in God's universe--what would the Spanish word for oneness be?
  • Bawang

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    The suffix "ness" is one of the wonders of the English language. You can take any adjective, add ness to it, and voila!, you now have a ready made noun. I only wish we had something like that in Spanish. You can easily make a noun that way which has no equivalent in Spanish. But oneness can probably be translated as "unidad", "universalidad".


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    " Oneness" can be translated as:

    "unidad" (union, unit, unity, harmonics, harmony)
    "concordia" (agreement, amity, concord, concordance)
    "Identidad" (identity)
    " Unicidad" (uniqueness)

    I guess in your context you could use "unidad"


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    I am pretty sure that we have a specific term for this in Spanish, "simplicidad", la simplicidad divina.




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    I think it would be monismo. The dictionary on wordreference gives the following definition:

    m. filos. Doctrina metafísica que concibe todos los aspectos de la realidad,la materia y el espíritu,lo físico y lo psíquico,como fenómenos o aspectos idénticos en su esencia por ser aspectos de una misma sustancia:
    el monismo materialista reduce el universo a la expresión de una única materia.
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