ones digit or units digit

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Greetings, :)

I have two questions. I know that according to forum rules I have to create two separate threads for each of my question. But both of my questions are very short, and therefore I thought there was no need to create two separate threads. Forgive me if I did it wrong.

Let's say we have a number which is 53. The ones digit (= the units digit) is 3.

1-) Which of the terms (ones digit or units digit) is acceptable? According to my google research, both of them are used.
2-) What are the correct spellings of these terms?

Many thanks
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    To me, "units" sounds more formal than "ones" but I don't think the difference is critical.

    I don't understand why you ask for the spellings. You have correctly written "ones digit" and "units digit". Is there a different spelling that you have seen?
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