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Hi, what's the difference between oneself and one's self?
Please look at the following example:
I recognize myself in many of the students who come into my office.
Can myself be replace by my self in this case?
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    Myself is an emphatic and reflexive pronoun - so is oneself.

    My self is a possessive adjective followed by a noun.

    (Grammatical terms are on loan from the OED)

    I recognize myself in many of the students who come into my office.
    Figuratively, you see many features of your own personality in the students.

    I recognize my self in many of the students who come into my office.
    Somehow or other, you see the essence of your unique selfhood in the students.
    I would have said this was philosophically impossible.
    It does, of course, depend on which of many definitions of self you want to adopt.


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    Florentia52 told me to post my question here (which hasn't been answered anywhere on this forum, the question being: how is "something greater than oneself" in any way different from "something greater than one's self"?). I cut and paste the message I posted previously:

    Until recently, I thought I was good enough to translate an English interview into French, but I've been working on a translation for some days (because I was asked to do it by a great number of readers over the past year), and it makes me crazy, because on one hand I feel like I understand the text perfectly, and on the other I just can't find how to translate it correctly... into my OWN native language (which is French)! Anyway, I was wondering what's the difference between one's self and oneself in the following context:

    "Solitude is a bliss to whoever believes in something greater than one’s self and is open to meditation, contemplation or study, but it’s a pain for the great mass of our contemporaries because they can’t imagine anything above or outside themselves."

    Thank you!
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